Enrollment Process


1. Placement Audition Component

All perspective students seeking placement into Arts Immersion onsite art programming must register to participate in a placement audition for the department of their choosing. A placement audition is required for those students who wish to participate in the onsite art programming to determine skill set placement within the skill levels offered by Arts Immersion. This placement audition plays no role in determining acceptance into Immersion Schools. Our levels are separated into three degrees of acquired skill: little to no skill, somewhat to average skill, advanced to pre-professional skill. Click the orange Audition Registration button on the Home Page to register for an audition.



2. Academic Component

Before or after a student is placed into an Arts Immersion skill level within their particular art track, they may begin the enrollment process.  As a first step, please fill out this user friendly FORM which alerts us that you intend to enroll in our school. However, if you would like to directly start the official enrollment paperwork please Click Here. In either case, contact us if you need assistance. 



3. Written Component

Once the academic enrollment is completed, students have the option to submit a written essay. The essay should describe a student's involvement in art thus far, as-well-as their goals and aspirations for pursuing art and art related careers. This 1.5 to 2-page essay, using a #12 font size, should include the following:

  • Reason for applying 
  • What you hope to achieve while participating in Arts Immersion onsite art programming
  • Personal career goals, for example; professional dancer, actor, film maker, choreographer, visual artist, producer, play write, arts educator, arts administration, art and technology field, aspirations for pursuing a fine arts, or an arts education degree.
  • Use of proper grammar and formatting in order to clearly communicate the ideas previously stated 
  • Essay should be submitted to Arts Immersion at arts.admissions@sumedu.net


4. Interview Component

Lastly, students who have completed an essay will receive an invitation from the Arts Immersion faculty to attend a personal interview to discuss their essay in order to establish a specific arts-integrated curriculum emphasis that is based on each student's interest and goals. Students must attend these interviews accompanied by a parent or guardian. Thank you!