Film Arts


Department Head



Bachelor of Arts in Film Studies, CU
Bachelor of Fine Arts in Film Studies, CU

Teaching Experience

Scan-Cad International: Training/Education, 5 years
Peak Academy of Dance: Tap and Salsa, 8 years

Professional Experience

Associate Producer: College Pranks
Post Production Coordinator: The GI’s of Comedy: Task Force Funny Tour Audio Engineer and Colorist: Urban Conversion

In addition to the above, Travis Loving founded a local video production company focused on providing video production services and consulting for the creation of educational, promotional or commercial content.

Department Description

Students will come out of this program with an understanding of critical study and analysis along with basic video production techniques, workflows, and potential career pathways. Cinema is a language in and of itself and must be considered on its own terms. It is a complicated interaction between photography, theatre, music/audio, writing and technology. Competence in this field requires an understanding of all facets of the medium. This program will focus on developing the skills necessary to unpack and understand how each of these components come together to create a given film, giving students the skills to perceive and understand cinema on a deep level. In tandem, students will be exposed to the technologies, practices and tools of the trade, they will work together in teams simulating real world production environments. Upon graduation students will have a significant body of work from which to draw including videos, reviews, and analytical essays. The objective of this program is to give student the experience to make a decision about if and how they would like to pursue film in higher education and/or professionally, along with the tools and materials necessary to be successful in whatever pathway they choose. 


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