Our Composition
Improve Potential, Inspire Excellence, Ignite Creativity
Empower Young People to Succeed in Life

Our Score
To effectively use every available hour of the school day to prepare students to successfully transition into a fine arts degree, or to enter the creative arts marketplace with a clear advantage

Our Overture
To prioritize the individual, which allows us to maximize each student's efforts with personalized guidance informed by years of experience. It is our pride and responsibility to strategically empower each student both academically and artistically for their next step in life  

Our teenage daughter is growing considerably under Stephen Wynne’s mentorship. We have seen her skills evolve and her confidence and discipline grow. The character development alone has been remarkable. She has had the wonderful opportunity to be part of something bigger than herself: the member of a community that is pursuing a unified purpose. It has been amazing to see her be involved.
— Donald Moore (CEO Pueblo Community Health Center)